Meet the Founders of THE SHIFT

S. Lewis-Campbell, Co-founder THE SHIFT


In the spirit of Nadine Gordimer, Shara believes all writers have a social responsibility in all arenas. Her specialty involves publishing aspiring writers atypically from the industry, providing them with a voice and opportunity as social beings, creatively through independent published works. Using their writings as a formula to demonstrate various aspects within society. It is her mission to create a concrete collective of aspiring authors and creatives into the industry who write from a place of integral perspective.  Additionally, Shara is a staunch advocate of the Calibrated Directional Reconstitution manifesto through our non-profit organization THE SHIFT, by raising awareness through advocacy and literary publications.


Andrew is an acclaimed Poet, of effortless ability. With over twenty-years experience of honing his craft. Andrew's verse is instructed as a feature of the National Curriculum at Georgia State University, Atlanta and the Creative Student Association, Clemson University as part of its inauguration.  Andrew's concept for THE SHIFT emerged in 2020 inspired by his poetry and literature in advocating for underserved communities, and social justice reformation.